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Nail Polish FInishes 101

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How well do you know your nail polishes? See how many of these you know! It’ll also help you pick a color at your next mani-pedi.


creme polish

  • This is the most basic nail polish finish, and looks smooth and opaque.
  • If you want a little shine, go for a satin finish. This does reflect light better, but not enough to qualify it as glossy.
  • Some colors (especially pastels) can look flat, so if you want lots of shine be sure to get a good topcoat!
  • Some creme polish formulas go on a bit streaky. There’s a hack for that! Resist the urge to go over it with another coat. Instead, apply Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher topcoat on it — for some reason, it evens out the formula.
  • Reapplying topoat every few days can also help your nail polish last longer.


  • It goes on sheer, so you need several coats to get a strong color.
  • Looks really and usually comes in the coolest candy colors!
  • Red jellies are also a great way to wear red without looking so #TitaofManila. A blue-based red complements morenas, while cherry or true reds look great on fairer skin.
  • Want a cool effect? Make a jelly sandwich: one coat of jelly polish, one coat of glitter, and another jelly coat on top.



shimmer nail polish

  •  It’s got flecks of glitter, and is usually less likely to chip. Avoid the super-frosty shimmers (which look dated and old).
  • If you’re wearing it to work, pick shimmers that have very fine glitter.
  • Gold flecks are also very flattering for morenas, because they complement your rich, warm skin tones.
  • We’re also falling in love with white shimmer. It doesn’t look like you put wall paint on your nails — and matches all our outfuts!


pearl nail polish

  • Just like a pearl, they have a beautiful sheen when the light hits it.
  • They’re a modern alternative to frosty polish, and are especially pretty in neutral and pastel shades.
  • If you’ve got fair skin, you can’t go wrong with a pale pink pearl mani.
  • If you’re applying nail polish yourself for the first time, try a pearl formula. They’re less likely to get streaky, and the shiny finish hides mistakes really well. Apply in thin and sheer layers until you get the effect you want.
  • Very white or pale pearl polishes can look chalky on tanned skin. If you’re morena, go for warmer shades (like a rose pink or yellowish pearl).



  • Metallic nail polish never goes out of style
  • Gold and copper are really beautiful on warm skin undertones, and silver complements cool skin undertones.
  • Try combining metallic and matte nailpolish for a cool take on the French tip.
  • Metallic nail polish resist chips and “look fresh” longer.
  • For extra shine, get a super glossy topcoat. Some metals can look really cheap. Look for deeper colors, like a rose gold or a warm copper, instead of the “Christmas ball” shades that are so 1980s.



foil polish

  • Try this eyecatching combination of metallic and fine glitter if you’re looking for a “rockstar” shade.
  • We love getting this for our summer pedicures. There’s something about a bright, happy foil nail polish finish that makes us feel we’re going to a party (even if we’re stuck in the office).
  • You’ve got to be careful about skintone, though. Hold a shade against your hand and see if it makes your skin look sallow, dull or healthy. Three’s a foil finish for everyone — it’s just a matter of finding the right one!
  • Some foil formulas can get very goopy and thick. Always apply in thin coats.
  • Even if it’s got a super shiny finish, apply top coat to prevent chips.


glitter polish

  • Pure glitter polish usually comes in a jelly base. Some nail polish brands like Deborah Lippman have jelly cremes.
  • You can apply this on its own or on top of another color
  • It’s fun to put glitter polish at the tips of your nails, for a playful take on the French tip.
  • Glitter polish is notoriously difficult to remove. Soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover or acetone and then wrap around the nail. Leave for a few minutes and then gently rub off the excess glitter.


suede polish


  • This completely matte nail polish finish looks really sleek and sophisticated. We love how you can wear a really bold color, but the understated matte effect tones it down so you can wear it to work.
  • It’s hard to find suede shades in Manila, but you can get a top coat that will “mattify” a crème polish to create a similar effect.
  • Suede nail polish does have a tendency to stain the nails, so be sure to use a base coat.


holographic nails

  • This super-cool nail polish finish has rainbow colored glitter that changes when the light hits it. (Tell us you can wear this without hearing “Dancing Queen” in your head.)
  • You can also find holographic glitter, which gives a similar effect.
  • Love the holographic effect, but think it can look too much on all your nails? Try using this for grown-up nail art. Apply black nail polish, then add a holographic stripe.
  • Can’t find a holographic nail polish finish? Check out the Korean stores — they make some really fun shades, and are a lot cheaper and easier to find than the ones from the United States.

Duochrome / Iridiscent


  • Duochrome nail polish changes color when it’s under direct light.
  •  Iridiscent nail polish flashes a different color but actually transform into another shade.
  • Try this cool nail art trick: paint your nails with a metallic polish, but apply a matching duochrome or iridiscent nail polish on one nail.

What’s your favorite nail polish finish?

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