8 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Avoid

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While consumers continue to flock to doctors in the hope of improving their appearance, there are also a number of procedures – due to their high risk and unreliable results – that you should be wary about.


Many women opt to skip their make-up routine in the morning by opting for permanently tattooed make-up. Besides the risk of infection on the most delicate areas of the face – eyelids and lips – these tattoos are also extremely difficult to remove when you change your mind in future.


Imagine breaking both legs and using devices with screws attached to the legs to gradually extend them! Not only is this operation scary and extremely painful, it is also highly costly at around Php 3, 600, 000 for three inches, which works out to around Php 1, 200, 000 per inch.


Doctors do this by harvesting fats from other parts of the body like the tummy and thighs, purifying it and re-injecting it back into the patient’s breasts. As ideal as it sounds, this procedure has raised concerns as there is a potential for this re-injected fat to calcify, creating a scarred mass buried within the breast tissue, and this can either mask or mimic the appearance of breast cancer.


The things some people will do to yield a sexier foot include fillers and surgical procedures. As our feet are generally painless, complications can include infection, nerve injury, prolonged swelling of a toe or even chronic pain when walking.


Mesotherapy is a shallow injection of a cocktail of substances using a fine needle, purported to dissolve stubborn fats. Risks include pain, swelling, hard lumps, ulceration of skin and contour irregularities. What’s worse, there are no scientific studies to show that it works.


Unlike breast implants which are filled with silicone gel or saline, buttock implants are solid slabs of silicone, positioned beneath the fibrous lining of buttock muscles. This procedure comes with an increased risk of infection because the stitches are often buried between the buttocks, perilously close to the anus where germs reside.


Fillers are injected into skin to plump up lips, push up wrinkles and fine lines. Results are usually temporary when the fillers are absorbed into the body. But some fillers are designed to stick around for a longer time. Tempting as they seem, such fillers have been linked to a number of complications such as irreversible binding to tissue and a tendency to “drift” resulting in a distorted appearance.