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Best makeup looks from Star Magic’s Black Magic 2019

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Fresh from the first-ever Black Magic event of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic group, the hottest stars of the Philippine entertainment industry showed the country how to take Halloween both seriously and fun. Thanks to Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Liza Soberano, and Enrique Gil, we now have a few new ideas for the best Halloween looks this 2019.

Find out our topmost favorites from the Star Magic’s Black Magic (we dig these makeup looks so much that you might see us channeling these a few days from now!). Insider tip: Read up till the end for an insider story, and learn how Daniel Padilla achieved his classic Halloween ‘Dia de los Muertos’ look. His makeup artist, Jia Achacruz, shared with us some Halloween makeup secrets.

kathryn bernardo halloween black magic best look
Photo Credit: Kathryn Bernardo Instagram

Who wouldn’t love the gorgeous look of young superstar Kathryn Bernardo in her depiction of Poison Ivy? Her color-coordinated makeup (yes, leafy brows, colored eyeliner, splashes of veins, metallic green nails and a lump of highlighters) worked pretty well in turning her into the beautiful villain once portrayed by the stunning Uma Thurman. Two thumbs up to her amazing glam team: Justine Claudia, Slomakeup, Chris Rodil, Jan Aranilla, Neri Beltran and Kathnails by KCMB!

kira balinger black magic halloween look harley quinn
Photo Credit: Kira Balinger Instagram

Now, hot and Halloween does not normally go together, but Kira’s transformation into the famous Harley Quinn character just made fire. She surely did justice to this sultry villain/hero of the Suicide Squad, with her makeup and hair proving on point. Slow clap to this pretty young thing, as well as to her stylist, Drew Lacia, and makeup artist Julius Cabanisas.

Jane De Leon Lara Croft Star Magic Black Magic Darna
Photo Credit: Denise Ochoa Instagram

The new Darna, Jane de Leon, channeled her inner Lara Croft this Halloween. Kudos to her A-list makeup artist Denise Ochoa and celebrity hairstylist Jay Wee, we love how her whole look (especially her makeup) made her innocent beauty turn into a strong and fierce character.

Photo Credit: Maymay Instagram

The soft and funny Maymay Entrata turned into Saitama, the heroine of the manga One Punch Man, during the Star Magic’s Halloween ball. Her makeup and hair (or the absence of it) were truly transformative, that we made secret visits to Owen Sarmiento and Jaymar Lahaylahay’s Instagram accounts.

Lizquen Liza Soberano Enrique Gil Halloween White Chicks Black Magic Star Magic
Photo Credit: Star Magic Instagram

Every year, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (of the LizQuen loveteam) surprise their millions of fans with their Halloween looks. Last year, they made horror look beautiful, and this year, they made it hilarious! Reniel Cadiz did an excellent job with the hair and makeup of this famous pair, turning them into the equally recognizable White Chicks duo.

Photo Credit: Star Magic Instagram

Saving the best for last, we are definitely in awe of the genius behind Daniel Padilla’s (the other half of #KathNiel) Halloween look. Keeping his handsome face hidden through a giant one ‘Eye’ made us gasp a silent wow, but when he revealed his finely made ‘Dia de los Muertos’, we were certainly clapping. The classic Halloween look was made in traditional techniques combined with awesome and sheer dedication to makeup artistry. And so we thought, we had to have that chat with Jia Achacruz to ask more.

He wanted something very specific and showed me pegs of what he envisions for a Dia De Los Muertos skull. It was great that he knew what exactly he wanted for the look, that’s why it wasn’t hard to do the makeup for him. I was nervous at the start but he was chill, so overall it was a great experience for me!

– Conceptual makeup artist Jia Achacruz told Beauty Insider PH

Insider story: Jia did Daniel Padilla’s makeup for about an hour and a half starting with all the white greasepaint first then adding all the black details using the MUFE Flash Palette. She made sure to set everything with powder and eyeshadow to avoid the makeup moving around since he would be wearing it all night during the party. Some of the products used are Graftobian Clown White Paint, Makeup Forever Flash Palette, RCMA No Color Powder, J.Cat Beauty Fantasy Dreamland palette, and Colourette Supramatte in Arrow.