Feminine Power Down Under

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Recent studies show that 30% of women  experience pain during sexual contact due to
vaginal dryness.

It takes a reluctant confession from partners to accept that the act of love is not as pleasurable as it used to be. Tightness, friction and lubrication during the act plays the vital importance of your journey to nirvana. Such symptoms are common to women who had multiple pregnancies or are above 40 years old; there are other reasons that can result to vaginal looseness. It’s a subject often talked about in whispers but a lot of women suffer silently for lack of know-how to address the issue.

According to Dr. Catherine Howard (certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist), patients often complain that they could not feel their husbands anymore during penetration. She says, “Meanwhile, the husbands feel that their wives are on the loose side. For a couple to enjoy the sexual contact, there should be an increased frictional force. Vaginal looseness affects the quality of intimacy and frequency of sexual contact between the couple lessens.”


Those days are finally over with Femilift. Using a vaginal probe, a laser energy is safely delivered to promote collagen production which results to vaginal tightening and remodelling. The treatment is virtually painless, and administered quickly for only 10-15 minutes with practically no downtime.

“The only thing the patient feels is a prickly sensation which lessens if we lower the level of energy,” says Dr. Catherine Howard. “Our patients don’t have to be admitted to a hospital; they can go back to work after the procedure. Meanwhile, other vaginal treatments that require surgery taketwo to three months of recovery time. Patients of Femilift can enjoy sexual contact with their partners after five to seven days.”

Women who have undergone Femilift satisfactorily report an improvement. “They do call me and tell me that the level of intimacy has improved,” smiles Dr. Howard. ‘They also feel more confident in themselves and bringing more joy to their partner.”


Femilift does more with its capability to reduce Stress Urinary Incontinence among women. Dr. Howard elaborates, “Some women who have more than three children may tend to lose control over their urinary functions. They’d feel the need to pee even if they were in the middle of a conversation. Or they’d just laugh, cough, and sneeze, then suddenly feel the need to urinate.” After a Femilift treatment, these ladies said that they are more able to control their needs and hold it in.

The treatment spares them the usual embarrassment of having to leave the room. They can enjoy what they are doing with their friends without worrying or anticipating the next bathroom break.

Women take great pains to see to the care and well-being of their facial skin. It’s high time that they do the same to their skin ‘down under’ with treatments that pose no risk but promise complete bliss.