Review: Thermage by Bench Skin Expert

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Getting old is a given. Still, women prefer hearing compliments about looking younger than their age. At Bench Skin Expert, clients are encouraged to forget how old they really are and instead embrace their Thermage age.

Thermage is a treatment that stimulates the body’s natural renewal of collagen to tighten and smoothen skin, soften lines and wrinkles, and redefine contours and firmness. “It creates subtle, natural looking results with little or no downtime,” assures Dr. Amelyn Lim of Bench Skin Expert.

According to her, Thermage has already been in the Philippines for years but the initial Thermage required patients to be anaesthesized. Now, with constant improvements in technology, the latest version enables patients to have the procedure while awake.

Heating the deep layers of the skin helps to kick-start the body’s natural collagen renewal process.


The Thermage CPT System delivers cooling at the surface of the skin along with a vibrating handpiece that enhances efficacy and greatly improves patient comfort. “The tip of the handpiece has a cooling mechanism although with some patients, we have to do the procedure slowly if they have low tolerance for heat,” says Dr. Lim. Depending on the size and location of the treatment area, the procedure can last from 20 minutes up to an hour and a half.

Thermage utilizes radiofrequency technology that penetrates more deeply as it delivers therapeutic heat across the treatment area, thus allowing for more effective skin-tightening results. Dr. Lim explains that heating the deep layers of the skin helps to kick-start the body’s natural collagen renewal process.

Although visible results are often immediate, patients can expect measurable tightening and contouring improvements over time. “They will appear gradually and the full effect would be noticed six to nine months after the initial treatment and could last up to a year to a maximum of three years,” continues Dr. Lim. “Results vary from patient to patient depending on their skin condition and natural ageing process.”


Thermage CPT is specifically designed for the face and body. It can help tighten the skin safely on the face, brows, jawline, neck, tummy, arms, hands, thighs, and buttocks. Dr. Lim adds that one only needs to have a single session then just go back after one, two, or three years because Thermage generally achieves results with one treatment compared to other technologies that require multiple treatment sessions.

Unlike surgery, Thermage doesn’t require any pre-procedure preparation like blood work or fasting. With little to no downtime, most patients can return to their regular activities immediately and there is no special care after treatment. Temporary redness or minor swelling in some patients disappears within 24 hours.

As to prices, Dr. Lim clarifies that the Thermage procedure will depend on the areas being treated. It is important to note as well that the costs of having Thermage done can be significantly less than plastic surgery and with more natural-looking results.




Thermage is a patented US FDA approved device with visible results. As such, a lot of counterfeit and fake devices from China and Korea are available in the market today. These cheap treatments falsely being sold as thermage can pose serious risk like severe burns on your skin.

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