wrinkles and how to prevent them

Wrinkles and What You Can Do To Prevent Them

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It is no secret that age comes with wrinkles. The vast introduction of many anti-aging products, treatments and routines in the past years proves that to be true. Getting ahead in the skin game is key, ladies!

The sooner you commit to preventing aging signs, the better you can fight and prevent wrinkles from showing up your skin, particularly your face.

Whether you’re a hardworking 20-something, or in your prime 30s, these things we’ve collated can help you in your quest to staying young and maintaining your ultimate skin health potential.

Plus, preventing wrinkles from happening is always easier and far less expensive than getting rid of them when they’re finally there!


Never underestimate the power of sun protection!

Sun is known to be the primary cause for skin damage. Even if it may give your skin some obvious damage, sun protection is vital.

Notice how even after skin treatments like lasers and facials, your dermatologists always advise you to wear sunscreens? Sunscreens don’t only protect your skin from the suns harmful rays, but it also provides extra moisture to your skin, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines.

Suncreens are also infused with anti-aging substances that help prevent your skin from maturing faster than it should, hence, stop wrinkles from showing up!

There are a vast variety of options for sunscreens available in the local market. They key is finding one that suits your preference. Do you want one that has longer staying power? Do you want one that is less greasy? Do you want one that is fragrance-free?

It all really just depends on you. The important thing is to never skip the sunscreen!


Make the time to know more about your skin, its type and find the best skincare products that best suit it.

 wrinkles and how to prevent

There are extensive options for skincare products available in the market and it is only normal to find it intimidating to find the best one for you. There’s difficulty in ruling out the ones you are allergic to, the ones that do not work well for you or even work at all.

It’s basically trial-and-error for everybody else so don’t fret! Coming up with a set of skincare products and routine that works in harmony altogether to get your desired results can be daunting, but it is possible!

Listing down your skin problems or at least, being aware of them is the first step to finding the best skincare products for you. This way, you can ask for advice from your girlfriends or even the saleslady in the mall. A little help from others can go such a long way!

Product recommendations are the easiest one to catch! Do your research, read your way through online reviews here in Beauty Insider and other online sites.


Do regular facial treatments with your dermatologist.

wrinkles and how to prevent

While doing a good home routine answers to your specific skin type needs, facial treatments with your dermatologist will greatly benefit your skin. Additional care from professionals and experts is still incomparable.

There are pore problems you cannot fix by yourself at home, or stubborn acnes and breakouts even your strongest and most expensive skincare product won’t be able to wash away. A consultation and service with your dermatologist won’t hurt!