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BEAUTY BARGAINS: Lip Masks and Treatments Under P200

Categories : Skincare

Kiss dry, flaky lips goodbye! These lip masks and treatments will leave your lips super smooth and soft. And they’re all under P200! 

Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch (P148)

Etude-Hosue-Cherry-Lip-Gel-PatchIf you’re into face masks, then you’ll love this one that’s just for the lips. The hydrogel patch instantly soothes sore or dry lips. The mask also covers the area around the upper and lower lip, so it’s awesome if you’ve just had a cold or allergy and gotten all flaky there too.

We also reco using this mask right before a big date. Hot red lipstick, hot guy, hot red makeout session — a girl’s gotta be prepared, you know.

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit (P100)

Holika-Holika-Golden-Monkey-GlamourFor just P100 you get a peeling patch, volumizing treatment, and moisturizing honey essence. Quite a steal, though you do have to order it online from Althea (which ships Korean products all around the Philippines).

This treatment is so good you’ll be tempted to skip lipstick altogether. You get naturally smooth, plumped and shiny lips. (And while you shouldn’t be eating this, we have to admit — that honey treatment is delish.

A real beauty bargain!

Sephora Lip Masks (P154)

sephora philippines lip maskHead to Sephora Philippines to shop their exclusive line. The Rose Lip Masks soften and moisturize. The Shea Lip masks gives extra nourishment to chapped or very dry lips. The gel formula lasts longer, but try not get any in your mouth – it doesn’t taste as good as it feels!

We love the cooling effect and pleasant smell. It also doesn’t slide off your face. And if you hate the mess of very watery masks, the gel-like formula is a lot easier and neater to work with.

Carmex Lip Balm (P139)

carmex lip balmWe know a pro makeup artist for a very expensive Japanese makeup brand (her kit easily holds over P150,000 worth of products at any time!) but she still uses this super-cheap drugstore balm to prep her model’s lips. She’ll apply it first, let it sink in while she works in foundation, and then uses a cotton bud to gently scrape off any flakes and excess balm. The lips are now perfectly primed for lipstick!

Steal this trick for your own beauty routine. She used the Carmex in the original jar, but it comes in convenient click sticks too. Available in drugstores and beauty sections of department stores.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm (P80)

nivea fruity shine balmAdmit it: Nivea lip balm was one of the first beauty products you ever bought! But even if we’re a lot older with a much bigger beauty budget, we still go back to this high school fave. It feels great on dry lips, and leaves a hint of color – like your own lips, but better!

Use this alone when you want a very natural look, or over lipstick (great way to refresh a color without actually reapplying another layer). Available at all department stores, drugstores, and selected supermarkets.