Beauty hacks to help you stay fresh all day

Categories : Makeup

Grabe, ang init. But the only thing hotter than Philippine summers is … YOU. Here are really easy, really cheap beauty hacks that can help you stay fresh all day, every day.

Apply less makeup, but apply it better

When you pile a lot of foundation and concealer on your face, you’re just going to end up with one sweaty, cakey mess. The secret is to put less but put it in the right places, and then blend blend blend blend blend!

  • Use a Beauty Blender or any damp sponge, and then concentrate your base where you need it the most. Your goal is to cancel out redness or discoloration, not cover your whole face with a thick mask.
  • If you’re using a thick BB cream or tinted sunscreen, thin it out with a drop of beauty oil.
  • Hide dark circles or acne scars with a creamy concealer. Orange color corrector or yellow powder can also cancel out very blue or purple circles. Use that if one layer of concealer isn’t enough. It’s better to use a good product than layer on several useless layers of a mediocre product. In this heat, any thick makeup just slides
  • Once you have your base in place, apply a cream blush (which lasts longer and looks more natural) and set with translucent powder.

Put cologne and facial mist in the fridge

We. Love. This. Hack.

Put any cologne (even your classic Johnson’s Baby Cologne) and toner in the fridge. Whenever you feel super hot, spritz yourself! Instant freshness guaranteed.

Fight greasy hair with baby powder

If your hair starts feeling oily and limp in the middle of the day, rub baby powder between both palms and then run your hands through your hair. Hide a really bad hair day with a pretty braid or ponytail!

Don’t reapply foundation with a sponge

For midday touchups, blot off oil with blotting paper. Then take a fluffy brush and reapply powder only where you need it. Facial mist can also refresh makeup!