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Get more out of  your sheet masks

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If you’re addicted to sheet masks, you need this beauty hack.

You know how masks are loaded up with serum? Most sheet masks are dripping with it. Half of it ends up on your neck and hands, and there’s always a little bit left at the bottom of the pack.

So the secret is to soak up extra serum with blank sheet masks so you get two masks for the price of one! Here’s what to do.

Buy or make “blank” sheet masks

You can buy them at Korean beauty stores (we got a pack of 7 for P48 at Tony Moly), Miniso and Mumuso. Experiment with different brands until you find a mask that fits your face shape.

If you can’t find blank sheet masks, just use cotton pads. Cut into rectangles that you can place over your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

Prep the pack

Before opening a new sheet mask, lightly press down against the pack to push extra serum to the bottom. Don’t press too hard because you don’t want a super-dry mask.

Soak up extra serum

Fold a blank sheet mask into a square-ish shape and then stuff it into the pack. Swish it around to soak up the beauty goodness. If you notice that it’s a bit dry, add your favorite facial oil or serum.

Clip the pack

Use sandwich clips to seal the pack. Now you have an extra sheet mask! Just don’t wait too long to use it up. The ingredients can evaporate, and some ingredients lose their efficiency when they’re exposed to heat or air.  We recommend storing this in a dark place, and then applying it the next day.

Other ways to get more out of your sheet masks

Place sheet masks in the refrigerator just before using them. Feels so cool and refreshing on a hot day!

Pour extra serum into a small bottle or jar. (Dark colored bottles help protect heat-sensitive ingredients like Vitamin C from the light.)

Rub the used sheet mask on your neck and hands.