Lipstick for Morena

Local Matte Lipsticks Perfect for Morena Filipinas

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The phrase “perfect lipstick for Filipinas with morena skin” has always been subjective. You see, ladies, while “morena” is a word used to describe a woman of color in the Philippines, there are still different shades of “morena” we can consider.

Finding the perfect lipstick for morena-skinned Filipinas can be quite a challenge, it’s very much like finding the right shade of foundation, as it also requires time, patience and a lot of trial and error episodes…

Which brings us back to the never-ending quest for good lipsticks!

A girl can never really have just one, eh?

We’ve rounded up local beauty brands that are going beyond the stigma about local products and stepping up their cosmetic quality game up a notch!

These local brands can be quite well considered as direct and heavy competitors of big cosmetic international brands because apart from the quality, they are usually 1000000x more affordable too!


Sooper Beaute So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy

Infused with natural ingredients, Sooper Beaute offers a more affordable alternative to high-end foreign natural cosmetic products.

Their matte lipsticks are available in 9 different shades ranging from nudes, to pinks to reds. These matte lipsticks are creamy AF, and can actually be used at a cream blush for your cheeks too!

Happy Skin Matte Stick Lipsticks and Liquid Matte Lipsticks

As quirky product packaging designs are becoming a thing in the beauty industry, Happy Skin made sure they’re on it first in the local scene. Just in this year alone, more Happy Skin branches have opened around the country- a proven sign that this brand has now a major cult following them!

Known for their cheeky, cutie, girly packaging, Happy Skin lipsticks are the bomb. Their matte lipsticks have an extensive variety of shades perfect for Filipina skin tone which provide moisture well!

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick

An established drugstore makeup brand in the Philippines has joined in on stepping up their lipstick game too! Ever Bilena recently launched their new line of matte liquid lipsticks and beauty bloggers have been raving about it!

This new line is available in 11 different shades adventurous and strong morena Filipinas will love. The consistency is thin, and doesn’t budge!

Everyday Love Matte Lipsticks

A brand that started selling stuff for home and personal hygiene on Instagram is now one of the top local brands known for quality matte liquid lipsticks! It’s so good that they’re almost always out of stock. These babies sell out like hot pancakes!

Their lipsticks are offered in 5 different shades of nude perfect for different shades of morena skin tone, 2 shades of perfect for the summertime, and 2 different shades of red!