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5 popular hair treatments and where you can try these best in Manila

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Hair is one’s crowning glory, the old adage says, and we don’t dare to disagree. It is so easy to simply go by the daily shampoo and conditioner as the best hair care regimen. But, admit it or not, it is a need to take care of your hair beyond the daily wash and cleanse. It is not a luxury to go beyond this usual routine and do the regular treatment that’s best for your hair. Here, we listed down five (5) popular hair treatments, and where you can go to get them in Metro Manila.

1. Spa Essence Hydrating Treatment at Jing Monis Salon

Dull hair? Get a Spa Essence Hydrating Treatment and bring back life to your hair. This treatment’s goal is to nourish hair to make it more manageable.

📍Jing Moniz Salon has branches are all over Metro Manila

2. Keratherapy Express treatment at David’s Salon

Keratherapy Express is a fast and easy hair smoothing treatment that uses KERABOND™ technology that will improve, transform and straighten hair.

📍David’s Salon has branches all over Metro Manila

3. Collagen Treatment at Headtown Salon

Collagen is currently a buzzword in the hair industry. Perfect for people with long, frizzy hair, these treatments smoothen frizz, improve hair strength and give hair a healthy-looking lift. It also helps decrease split ends and lessen hair damage caused by heat.

📍Headtown Salon is at the 2nd Floor Shops at Ayala North Exchange

4. Schwarzkopf Full Color and Highlights treatment at Marqed Salon

This dual process hair treatment includes changing your actual hair color and then adding dimension with different hues. Here’s the process, according to Byrdie, “Stylists begin by bleaching out your natural hair color (which could take one or several hours,) then apply the new color. It can also be done with an overall color, then a highlight treatment during the second stage.”

📍Marqed Salon is at 59 Connecticut St., Greenhills

5. Milk Tea Hair Color Trend at Hair Shaft Salon

If you want to update your look this new year, getting a hair color is the easiest route. The color-of-the-moment taking the internet by storm? The Milk Tea trend. It’s a sweet blend of brown and blonde hues that has just the right undertones for Filipino skin.

📍Hair Shaft Salons are located at Podium, Vertis North, and Glorietta