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WATCH: Blowdrying tips for your hair type

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We’ve all been through this: our haircut looks great at the salon, but we just can’t recreate the volume and shape when we get home.  We found the secret! Watch these videos of blowdrying tips from the pros.

Blowdrying tips and tricks for beginners

We love how this video explains why certain moves work. She explains how to avoid frizz (it’s all about the direction of your blowdryer!) and which brushes to use.

Blowdrying tips for fine hair

Professional hairstylsit Sam Villa gives you this brilliant tip that will make you think, “It’s THAT easy?!”  Prepared to be blown away (no pun intended).

Blowdrying tips for curly/frizzy hair

If your hair tends to get buhaghag and frizzy, this video is for you! Carli Bybel shows what brushes and products she uses, how she parts her hair, and her tips for getting hair silky straight.

Blowdrying tips for short hair

TONI&GUY Hair salon Educator Maria demonstrates how to do a round brush blow dry on short hair to get a casual tousled look.