The Most Trusted Lip Balm Brands Perfect for the Rainy Season

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For some, it doesn’t really matter if it’s the summer season or rainy season; lip balms are the OG essentials in one’s makeup or skincare kit. But as the cold weather being one of the notorious culprits for dry and chapped lips, we might need lip balms more often during the chilly days. Aside from keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water, these lip products can give you extra boost with moisturizing and softening those kissers. 

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is a brand that’s extremely popular among the sustainable and organic skincare community as each of their products are responsibly crafted with 95% natural ingredients. Burt Bees’ iconic lip balms come in a wide array of fruity flavours with powerful vitamins like wild cherry, cucumber, mango, coconut and pear, strawberry, ginger lime, and sweet orange.


What first started as a homemade salve created to treat cold sores is now a favorite lip saving balm globally. Carmex is a trusted lip balm brand when it comes to protection and total moisturization. The brand takes pride in its excellent ingredients that heal, smoothen, protect, and hydrate the skin surface. People are specially loving their classic and strawberry flavour lip balms. You can buy Carmex in tins, sticks, and tubes. 


Remember that familiar blue label petroleum jar from your childhood? Aside from their line of shampoos and body lotions, Vaseline is also a popular brand when it comes to lip care. Vaseline’s petroleum-based lip balms are clinically proven to help heal, soothe, and relieve dryness. One popular product from their lip care line that you might want to try is the Lip Therapy Rosy which has been garnering good reviews from skincare enthusiasts since its launch. 


Of course, the ever-popular international brand, Glossier made it to the list. Glossier’s cult-favorite Balm Datcom is a hydrating, lip balm and skin salve with many uses. Its antioxidants properties and natural emollients are proven effective to help nourish dry, chafed skin. The dense, waxy texture stays in place to seal in moisture. This hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, moisturizing, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free salve comes in eight exciting flavors: Original, Birthday, Rose, Mango, Cherry, Coconut, Mint, and Berry. 


This popular American lip care brand has dominated the counter shelves of drugstores and grocery stores and every trip to these places is usually not complete without the sight of Chapstick’s Classic Lip Balm. The brand has been offering lip care products for more than 125 years. Deemed as America’s go-to lip balm, ChapStick is trusted by many for its ultra moisturizing and healing properties. 


And last but not least, the household brand, NIVEA can’t be missed. They say they understand skin like no one else and when it comes to regeneration, protection, and moisture retention, they can be quite right – Nivea’s line of lip balms are the bringer of intense moisture for supple and healthy-looking lips. They have a variety of lip balms in different flavors, scents, and packings for both men and women.

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