shave or not shave how to get rid of unwanted body hair

To shave or not to shave: How you can get rid of unwanted body hair?

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Hair removal is a very tricky subject. It’s the perennial conversation: shaving does this, waxing does that. From over the counter options to professional laser treatments, there are countless ways to go on with it. Need a refresher course on all your options? We’ve listed all of them down below — the pros and cons included. 


What it does: The easiest and most inexpensive over the counter option that you’ve probably used even once in your life. Shaving with a razor removes hair at the surface level, meaning regrowth is quick and painless. 

Best for: Underarms, Legs and Upper Lip

Not for: those wanting super smooth, hairless skin. If not properly done, using a razor can cause nicks, burns, and bumps on the skin.


What it does: Grab a tweezer and start plucking. What’s great about tweezing is the possibility of precision—easily shape, adjust and control what you want to remove. 

Best for: Eyebrows and armpits

Not for: those who don’t have the time to carefully pluck and tweeze hair. Research also suggests that longterm plucking tends to damage the hair follicle. 


What it does: The process of waxing involves ripping out all the hair (strand to roots!) on a specific patch in your body in one swift motion. Hair growth tends to take a while (three weeks tops) but regular upkeep is still needed. 

Best for: Armpits, legs and the bikini area

Not for: people with low pain tolerance. The process of taking out hair including the roots can be painful for people with dense hair. 

Hair Removal Creams

What it does: Properly called depilatories, hair removal creams work by applying the substance on the area you want to remove and wait for the hair to transform into a jelly-like substance before wiping it off with a towel. 

Best for: Armpits, arms, and legs

Not for: those with sensitive skin. Most depilatories contain strong chemicals that can damage the skin when applied longer than the prescribed time. 


What it does: This treatment involves a gel-like paste made up of sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugaring involves plastering the paste on the skin, waiting for it to set and then removing the gel in swift motions, similar to waxing. 

Best for: Armpits, legs, arms, bikini line

Not for: those who need to be hairless on the reg. Sugaring requires hair strands to be at least 8 or a quarter to an inch to remove. 

Laser Hair Removal (Lasering)

What it does: The process of lasering is best recommended to people with darker hair. It seeks the melanin in the hair to seek what to remove. The laser targets the dark hair and depletes the hair follicle, causing permanent removal. 

Best for: those who want longterm results

Not for: people not willing to splurge on treatments. Most laser hair removal lasts up to 6-8 sessions.