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Cheap beauty hacks for dry skin

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It’s hot. The last thing we need is a sticky body lotion. But the sun, drying effects of air conditioning, and sun exposure from our last beach vacation is killing our skin. We ask Beauty Insider readers for their cheap beauty hacks or dry skin.

Apply body oil after a bath

Instead of body lotion, Charisma Reyes applies body oil before stepping out of the shower. It locks in moisture, then she pats it off with a towel (don’t rub vigorously!) and applies a body butter on extra-dry spots like her feet and elbows. “By the time I’m done with makeup and blow drying the butter’s absorbed and I don’t feel greasy.” She uses Johnson’s Baby oil or extra virgin coconut oil, which you can get at any supermarket. This is a super easy and affordable beauty hacks for dry skin!

Exfoliate more often

Sarah Gomez treats herself to a body scrub three times a week. She uses a whitening lotion, but didn’t see any effects until somebody said she needed to exfoliate more often to see good results. Her friend was right: regular exfoliation did whiten her skin, but it also removed dry bits. “My lotion works better now, I can really see how it moisturizes and all its whitening benefits are multiplied. I didn’t realize that that exfoliating could be so effective. It’s like all the ingredients penetrate and work better.”

Moisturize feet and wear socks

Samantha Po applies petroleum jelly on her feet then wears socks. She does this right before going to bed, and then wakes up with super-soft feet. She also it on her elbows and ankles. “I tend to moisturize more on those areas and then just use a really light lotion on the rest of my body.” “I apply the jelly at night when the aircon is on so I don’t mind the extra warmth.”

Work that palanggana

Tracy Oribiana keeps a small basin in her bathroom. When she’s sitting on her throne — doing her thing while browsing on the iPad — she multi-tasks by soaking her feet in water and foot soak. When she’s done, she takes a shower and scrubs her feet with a pumice stone and nail brush. “I still love a foot spa and body scrub — home service is my fave treat — but this cheap beauty hack for dry skin has helped me feel instantly better when I don’t have time for a full beauty treatment.”

“I don’t always have time for a mani-pedi but this keeps my feet really soft and pretty until my next visit to the salon,” she says. She pats dry, then applies lotion when she’s in bed. “I always get lightly scented lotions because they make me feel better. It’s my cheap nightly beauty routine.”

Keep those lemon halves

Whenever Alicia Chua makes a salad that involves lemon she keeps the lemon halves and then rubs it all over her body, concentrating on her cuticles and elbows. Sometimes she will sprinkle sugar on the lemon halves and use it like an instant scrub.

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