Quarantine nails that are popular on Instagram

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Now that salons are closed for an indefinite time and we’re washing our hands frequently than we ever did in our lifetime, we’re sure your cuticles are drier as the Sahara Desert and your overdue mani might have probably chipped off.

We scoured Instagram for some inspirations for your at-home manicure because a) we’re bored, b) it’s about time for some self-care, and c) we just can’t stop swooning the #quarantinenails that’s trending all over Instagram. Grab your nail polish bottles, a nail file and your trusty nail oil and scroll through our favorite nail picks below:

Gradient Nails

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Probably Instagram’s favorite manicure as seen in the #quarantinenails tag and the beauty Insta accounts we follow, the gradient aka rainbow nails are currently dominating the scene. Perfect for those of us who can’t decide which polish to put or just to those who are feeling extra adventurous, there are tons of options. It’s totally up to you on how you’ll nail (pun not intended) this trend—choose the shades in a similar spectrum or just let your creativity and imagination go wild with brights.

Nail Stickers/Press-on Nails

For those who can’t paint their nails to save their lives, get professional looking mani by doing the bare minimum—using nail stickers or press-on nails. In fact, they are becoming more popular now that nail salons are closed. This is no fuss and a chic way to give your nails an instant mani. A tip: prior to applying them, apply multiple coats of nail polish and a glittery varnish. This way, you’re adding protection when you’re removing press-on nails.

Simple Nail Art

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We’re suckers for nail art and the simple ones are on the beauty spotlight right now. Whether as minimalist as dots or as dainty as floral, simple nail designs are all over Instagram and we’re fans. Take your manicure (and your creativity!) to the next level and find inspiration on Pinterest or IG. Don’t forget to upload them and yes, expect multiple double taps.

Your Nails but Better

Simple is best, even when it comes to nails. Neutrals are always in all year long because they are low maintenance and just exude sophistication and class. The key to a perfect no-nail-polish polish look? Look for a shade that will complement your skin tone.

Accent Nail

Accent nails are foolproof and we can’t help but swoon over thousands of ideas you can don one (or a couple of them!). Put character on a simple manicure by painting one, or a few, of your nails a different shade/design. We love doing these whenever we’re too lazy to put art on all ten nails. Don’t forget the hand cream and cuticle oil!

French Tip

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This trend that dates back to the 18th century won’t be retiring soon and is definitely here to stay. Now, there are variations of the French manicure you can experiment with at home—make sure your hands are steady, though. An easier way to sport this is to wrap tape all over your finger and paint on your nails or you can cheat your way to a Frenchie as there are stickers available, too. We’re loyal to the traditional tip but if you’re feeling #extra, hop on the rainbow nails trend or put twists by doing a double (or even triple!) French. The possibilities are endless.