hide acne scars

Hide acne scars: makeup pros tell you how!

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Ever tried to hide acne scars and it just ended up looking worse? Happens to the best of us! Steal these secrets from makeup artists and watch those spots disappear.

Start with a primer

Primer creates that perfect  smooth surface and helps makeup last longer.  You really need that to make concealer last the whole day, especially if you’re using a very thick formula.

Build up coverage 

Too much concealer will just draw attention to your pimple and slide off by the middle of the day.  For more natural and long-lasting makeup, apply thin layers and blend well.

Blend the right way

Unlike other makeup products, you don’t blend concealer by smudging out the center. Instead, blend out the edges so it disappears into the rest of your skin. Pressing on it with your finger just erases or messes up the product!

Let it bake

If you have a very creamy formula, let it “sit” on your skin for a minute before blending out the first time.

 Use the right tools

Good concealer application is all about precision. A small, pointy concealer brush lets you apply product only where you need it. It also makes it a lot easier to blend out the edges, too!  

Set it with powder

 A powder will help concealer (and the rest of your makeup) last the whole day. We like a light translucent powder that still gives you that fresh, radiant finish.

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