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Find a shampoo for colored hair for your budget

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Just got your hair colored? Here’s how (and when!) to wash your hair after your hair treatment. Then find a shampoo for colored hair. We checked out all the beauty reviews to find the best shmapoo for colored hair for every budget.

How to wash newly colored hair

Wait at least 2 to 3 days.Yes, that’s going to feel a bit icky, but it prevents hair color from fading. Hair stylists say that it can take up to 72 hours for cuticles to fully close and trap the color molecules. Beauty hack: if your hair feeling’s limp or greasy, brush baby powder into the roots, or tie it into a stylish ponytail.

When you finally wash it, use cold water. Hot water lifts the cuticle layers, which fades out the color and actually weakens your hair. Pick a shampoo for colored hair, and use every other day. Don’t forget conditioners and masks for extra moisture and shine.


Dove Hair Therapy ShampooDove Hair Therapy Color Care Shampoo

  • What we love: This gentle shampoo cleans your hair without stripping it of moisture or color. Your hair feels really soft but doesn’t get limp or weighed down. Great for all hair types, and leaves a clean scent.
  • Price: P293
  • Available at:  Department stores and Mercury drugstores nationwide


Pantene Color & Perm Lasting Care ShampooPantene Color & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo

  • What we love: The special Keratin Damage Blockers protect your hair, while the vitamin formulas nourish damaged hair back to life. It protects your hair color and helps strengthen strands after being exposed to chemicals.
  • Price: P199
  • Available at: Department stores and Mercury drugstores nationwide


phyto color protectPhytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Shampoo

  • What we love: The botanical blend of grapefruit, sweet almond oil, and other extracts help prevent fading and adds extra shine and softness. This is great for colored hair that feels coarse or dry after a bleaching treatment. Bonus: the nutrients in the plant extracts are also great for your scalp, and can encourage growth of healthy hair.
  • Price: ₱875.00
  • Available at: BeautyMNL


Radiance and Color Care ShampooLÓccitane Radiance and Color Care Shampoo

  • What we love: It has no sulfates, and protects your hair color. Contains super nourishing oils like geranium, rosemary, cedar, palmarosa and bergamot.  Your color stays vivid, and your hair becomes stronger. Smells amaaaahzing too.
  • Price: P2,250.00
  • Available at: LÓccitane boutiques. (FInd the store nearest you with their online boutique locator)