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Wellness expert: why you need green smoothies

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Singaporean wellness expert Adeline Tan explains why you should start drinking your veggies.

A smoothie is commonly known as a thick shake or drink that is dairy, sugar and fruit based. However, green smoothies are typically dairy-free and contain at most 60% fruits. The magical quality of green smoothies is, as the name suggests, in the greens! Made by blending raw leafy vegetables such as spinach, kai lan, bak choy, endives, salad greens and cai xin with fruits such as bananas, mangoes, apples, dragonfruit and oranges with a healthy base of fresh clean water, each green smoothie provides incredible nourishment, jumpstarts detoxification and enhances self-rejuvenation in a healthy and delicious way!

Raw leafy greens contain chlorophyll which we know converts sunlight into energy. Imagine absorbing huge amounts of liquefied sunshine with each green smoothie we drink! That is one way by which the energy is derived from this all-natural delicious drink to rejuvenate and replenish our cells. Why take them raw? Cooking these greens would destroy all enzymes and heat-sensitive vitamins as raw green leafy vegetables are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and biophotons (particles of light energy found in very high concentrations in green leafy vegetables). Leafy greens belong to a class of plants called bitters which are known to stimulate digestion, support liver detoxification function, have antibiotic (anti-bacterial), anti-fungal, anti-tumor, sedative, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also important to select produce that are organically grown or at least pesticide and chemical free as we are essentially drinking it raw. The recommended intake of greens per day is at least two to three servings. By blending it with fruits, it helps you to consume that much greens with ease and also satisfying your nutritional needs.

Within days of starting on a green smoothie regime, you will experience an immediate improvement in elimination and detoxification as green smoothies have fibre retained to do the work. Many regular green smoothie drinkers have also observed a substantial increase in energy and stamina as well as the body’s ability to self-heal is intensified and accelerated. As your body cleanses and purifies itself over time, you will find that you will gain better mental clarity and awareness. Green smoothies are also particularly effective in diminishing food cravings as once your body cells receive top-quality nutrition, erractic signals to the brain cease to send messages of deprivations and food cravings will slowly start to diminish.

About the writer:

Adeline Tan is a local social entrepreneur, natural healing therapist and founder of in-house brand “LINS Smoodees” created by her company The Healing Concierge. Introducing fresh green smoothies to the public and the first to set up a dedicated green smoothie bar in Singapore, Adeline has made it her life’s mission to share the wealth of holistic living and healthy nutrition to the world.