The Great, the Not-Bad, and the Ugly at the 5th PhilBeauty

Although not as obvious in this scorching heat, but summer is about to end on this side of the world. Which means PhilBeauty season is here once again. Now in its fifth round, this year’s three-day trade show brought in thousands of brands, traders, suppliers, and visitors from here and around the world at the […]

Nars Orgasm
Cult Favorite “Orgasm” from Nars Now Has an Entire New Collection

It all started in 1999, when Nars’ now iconic blush & highlighter “Orgasm” was launched. Due to its incredible sales and impressive demand by the public, Nars has since released “Orgasm” in various types of product in this shade. It has become available as a lipstick, a nail polish, a liquid blush, a lip gloss, […]

all natural makeup look
The Secret to Acing the All Natural Makeup Look

Acing the “all natural makeup look” is more complex than you think. Let’s be real here, the seflies you see online with hashtags #nomakeup often still involve wearing makeup- a tini tiny bit of blush, a pea size amount of concealer, and little foundation and a quite a lot of skill too! You have to […]

makeup organizer
Where to Find Makeup Organizers in Manila

Makeup junkies have more than just choosing lipstick shades, eye shadow textures, and perfect foundation skin tone shade problems. Makeup junkies are hoarders! The true challenge for them at the end of every makeup-shopping day lies on where they can store and organize them. Here’s an ultimate guide you can refer to when you’re on […]

organic makeup
3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Organic Makeup

What comes to your mind when you hear “organic makeup”? Let us guess the first 3 things you think about… 1. Natural 2. Healthy 3. Safe! Are we right, or are we right? If we can just lay it all down and simple, we’ll merely just tell you, you should switch to organic makeup because […]

wrinkles and how to prevent them
Wrinkles and What You Can Do To Prevent Them

It is no secret that age comes with wrinkles. The vast introduction of many anti-aging products, treatments and routines in the past years proves that to be true. Getting ahead in the skin game is key, ladies! The sooner you commit to preventing aging signs, the better you can fight and prevent wrinkles from showing […]

look younger
3 Doable Ways To Look Younger

When it comes to aging, age is really just a number. While that may sound cliché, there are studies that show and tell effective doable ways to look younger. Doing super simple things to take care of your skin could be your best ally. You’ll be surprised how these common neglected simple daily routines can […]

Lipstick for Morena
Local Matte Lipsticks Perfect for Morena Filipinas

The phrase “perfect lipstick for Filipinas with morena skin” has always been subjective. You see, ladies, while “morena” is a word used to describe a woman of color in the Philippines, there are still different shades of “morena” we can consider. Finding the perfect lipstick for morena-skinned Filipinas can be quite a challenge, it’s very […]